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Our range covers pneumatic and hydraulic pumps manufactured under very high quality standards at our manufacturing plants in Spain, Belgium, Italy and China.  Our pumps are safe to use in explosive and flammable environments. The dry run capability of an air pump makes this ideal when operated by unskilled and or semi-skilled labour or in locations difficult to monitor. These pumps can be easily automated.

CP pumps are widely used, in construction, industrial, ship yards, mining, and wet drilling applications. They are the best in site de watering trenches, ditches, manholes in mines

Submersible Pump

Slude pump CP 0077, operated by venturi principal, the pump is air driven, enables use in restricted and difficult environments, it has durable cast iron housings.

Venturi Pump

Hydraulic driven by CP packs or from excavator outlets by means of oil flow dividers. Pumps directly from any flooded excavation or cellar dirty water containing small stones or solids.

Hydraulic Pump

The WAP 3 trash pump accepts particles upto 60mm diameter and will handle thickslurry or mud.

Trash Pump

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