Utility Power Botswana

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We have compressors, generators, lighting plants, rock drills, jack hammers, air hoses, and other air tools on the list of our rental units. Our equipment is reliable, efficient and effective & our pricing is competitive. We have made it our goal to beat all rental quotations. Our rental terms are customer oriented. All our equipment are fully serviced and our skilled personnel are available to assist you at any point of need.

Our compressed air fleet consists of a 400cfm, 260cfm, & 185cfm. Our rental price ranges from  P550.00 per day to P750.00 per day excluding VAT.

Compressor Rental

The power generating range covers from 5Kva to 45Kva standby power. 50Kva & above can be provided as rental units on special cases.

Generator Rental

Utility Power offers lighting plants with 4 powerful, adjustable and rotating lights. The rental fee starts from P600.00 per day excluding VAT.

Lighting Plant

We have Jack Hammers, Rock Drills, Moil points, Chisels, Air Hoses for rental. Our pricing ranges from P100.00 to P350.00 excluding VAT.

Air Tools & Accessories